JULIAN GLOVER – Thomas Telford: Man of Iron

2pm Friday 9th June – The Meakin Room   BOOK TICKETS ONLINE

Few people have done more to shape our nation than Thomas Telford who’s story spans almost eight decades of gloriously obsessive and prodigiously productive energy. Drawing on contemporary accounts, Julian Glover’s intimate and expansive modern biography of Telford is an utterly original portrait of how one man transformed himself into the greatest engineer Britain has ever produced.

Man of Iron Jacket coverJulian Glover

Builder of churches, harbours, bridges,canals, docks and aqueducts, Telford also created the backbone of our national road network. His constructions were the most stupendous in Europe for a thousand years, and – astonishingly – almost everything he ever built remains in use today. A complex, ambitious, but private man, Telford cherished a vision of a country connected to transform mobility and commerce. In an age in which economics, engineering and national identity came together, Thomas Telford’s life was a model of what can be achieved by persistence, skill and ambition.

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