JONATHAN BATE – “The Bard and his Afterlife from the Romantics to Ted Hughes”


Emma Bridgewater says: “I think that the most remarkable thing about Jonathan Bate is how very lightly he wears his enormous erudition.  And the most unusual thing about him is his frank desire to communicate his love of Shakespeare in particular, and Romantic poetry in a wider sense, well beyond the world of academic study. 

We are so lucky to have him to speak in Stoke on Trent, believe me he is spellbinding and you will I promise, bound out of his session feeling inspired. He will be interviewed by brilliant fellow writer Paula Byrne ( she is also his wife, so the conversation might cover unexpected ground, who knows?). 

And what are his themes? Well, you may feel inspired by him to revisit Shakespeare (again and again), or to learn more about Ted Hughes, or filled perhaps with new appreciation for John Clare and maybe you will even have found a new interest in Ecocriticism- for Professor Bate holds a fascinating opinion that Poetry is where we might save the world.”

Jonathan BateOne of the world’s foremost literary scholars, Jonathan Bate is renowned for his expertise on Shakespeare and the poetry of nature. He is also an acclaimed biographer, critic, broadcaster, Provost of Worcester College Oxford and Professor of English Literature at the University of Oxford.

We are delighted to welcome Jonathan to the Stoke-on-Trent Literary Festival for a stimulating examination of “The Bard and his Afterlife from the Romantics to Ted Hughes.” Jonathan will be in conversation with well known biographer Paula Byrne.



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