JOHN GRINDROD – Outskirts: Living Life on the Edge of the Green Belt

Thursday 8th June 3pm – The Eastwood Room  LAST FEW TICKETS REMAINING 

Book online or contact Box Office tel: 01782 381381

PocketJohnCMYK (2)The Green Belt -a modern mystery of life. It doesn’t appear on maps, it isn’t signposted and it is hard to know where it lies. Green belts prevent urban sprawl from spreading and in this enlightening talk John Grindrod tells of the vision behind their creation, discusses the fiery emotions they stir up and tells a story of growing up there, recounted in his poignant social history Outskirts.

John is also is the author of Concretopia: A Journey Around the Re-Building of Post War Britain, described as a new way of looking at modern Britain.





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