Emma Bridgewater

*CHANGED EVENT* Friday 9th June 8pm – The Meakin Room    

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We are sorry to announce that due to unforeseen circumstances, Clover Stroud has unfortunately had to withdraw from the Stoke-on-Trent Literary Festival.


In her stead, her sister, entrepreneur, pottery designer and manufacturer Emma Bridgewater will discuss the emotional aftermath of a family tragedy which inspired both Clover’s wild adventures and the surprising and challenging ways she found to cope at the young age of sixteen. Emma will be in conversation with the respected broadcaster and author Rowan Pelling about Clover’s raw but ultimately uplifting memoir and also the impact upon Emma’s own life and career.

Emma says “Clover Stroud is the youngest of my five sisters; her memoir The Wild Other has caused something of a sensation in the Book Festival circuit as Clover speaks as she writes, with insight, candour and great emotional force. Long listed for the Wainwright Prize, her story deals frankly with the emotional aftermath of a family tragedy, and the surprising and challenging ways she found to cope when her world imploded when she was just 16.  

At the age of sixteen, Clover Stroud’s mother had a catastrophic riding accident, and Clover’s incredibly happy family life fell apart. In her unique, emotionally raw prose, Clover Stroud, (Emma Bridgewater’s younger sister) write4367-old-girl-profile-rowan-pelling (2)s about her search for somewhere new she can call home. The journey takes her far and wild until a most extraordinary conclusion that is both explosive as well as deeply thought-provoking.

Clover StroudClover gallops across England’s idyllic Cotswolds to boomtown Dublin and the traveller rave scene of Ireland in the 2000s, across the plains of Texas where she overcomes local suspicions to become a well-respected cowgirl. Then finally she travels to the war-torn South Caucasus of Russia.




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